The Expert Team for photovoltaic- and solar construction

Welcome to our homepage. The APEX ExpertTeam is your competent partner for photovoltaic and solar construction. Our core competence is the analysis and evaluation of existent photovoltaic constructions with the aim to improving the photovoltaic efficiency as well as being experts in research and development for innovative solutions, such as our photovoltaic island construction or energy columns which enable an autarkic power supply at not connected locations. Have a look at our sites and get to know more about our application area, services and expert work. If you have any questions regarding photovoltaic techniques please contact us. We will help you any time.

Experts / Inspectors

Certificates photovoltaic

We are experts / inspectors for photovoltaic-and solar constructions being certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Research & Development

Solar sea

Innovation: Sea solar, swimming photovoltaic- / solar construction

Efficiency improvement

Photovoltaic Efficiency Improvement

We analyze and evaluate existent solar construction and improve its efficiency.

Island solutions

Photovoltaic island construction

Independent energy - get to know more about our autarkic systems for power supply.

Mobile measurement

Mobile performance measurement and electroluminescence analysis

Mobile performance measurement and electroluminescence analysis